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Athens under pressure: city races to clear port's refugee camp before tourists arrive

Refuge cities The port of Piraeus and a disused airport are focal points for Athens’ difficulties in dealing with the ongoing refugee crisis. The city’s mayor admits it is paying heavily for flaws that should have been addressed long ago

Poles apart: Gdansk divided as city grapples with immigration and identity

Refuge cities In a country where xenophobia is increasingly rife, Poland’s longest-serving mayor is intent on building a safe haven for his city’s ‘invisible’ immigrants. After all, he says, integration is in the town’s DNA

Sanctuary or ghetto? How Mannheim created a 'city within a city' for refugees

Refuge cities The ‘square city’ has long been a pioneer in its approach to welcoming migrants – but now Mannheim is attracting criticism for the ‘ghetto’ character of its giant refugee camp, as Germany agonises over how to integrate

Gothenburg's refugee youths: 'Come and meet us – nobody is here to be violent'

Refuge cities The sympathy of last autumn towards asylum-seeking minors in the Gothenburg suburb of Mölndal has been drowned out by anger and suspicion – but the city is working hard to help these lone adolescents start afresh

Cities need more power to deal with refugee crisis: report

Refuge cities Despite urban centres having to receive and integrate huge number of refugees, cities lack crucial input when it comes to policy, says a new European report

After the flood: Vienna's struggle to make its refugee residents feel at home

Refuge cities In the first of a series of despatches on how Europe’s cities have responded to the migration crisis, Jon Henley visits Vienna, which welcomed refugees last September – but is now wrestling with the challenges of integration

Occupy Turin: refugees find a home in Italy's abandoned Olympic Village

The 2006 winter Olympics was a symbol of Turin’s regeneration – but since then, many buildings have been left to crumble. Now migrants and refugees occupy the deserted athletes’ village, turning it into a ‘symbol of their protests’