Solidarity Cities is an initiative on the management of the refugee crisis proposed by the Mayor of Athens and launched in the framework of the EUROCITIES network. It aims to constitute the framework under which all cities actions and initiatives are presented highlighting the political leadership of cities in addressing this challenge.

Cities becoming active under the Solidarity Cities initiative want to work with the European Commission and member states to manage the refugee situation. They want to abide by the principles of responsibility and solidarity as expressed in the EUROCITIES statement on asylum and the open letter from EUROCITIES politicians published on International Refugee Day, 20 June 2016.

Solidarity Cities is open to all European cities wishing to work closely with each other and committed to solidarity in the field of refugee reception and integration.

Solidarity Cities is structured around four pillars:

1)    information and knowledge exchange on the refugee situation in cities

2)    advocating for better involvement and direct funding for cities on reception and integration of refugees

3)    city-to-city technical and financial assistance and capacity building

4)    pledges by European cities to receive relocated asylum seekers