The European Policy Centre has just published an event report for 'Reception and integration of refugees - cities on the front line', which EUROCITIES co-hosted on 4 April.

The event marked the launch of the new EUROCITIES report, 'Refugee reception and integration in cities', which highlights trends and best practices regarding refugee reception and integration in European cities. The report is based on the experiences of 34 European cities. 

Speakers at the event were:

  • Anna Lisa Boni, EUROCITIES secretary general
  • Thomas Fabian, deputy mayor of Leipzig and chair of EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum
  • Heather Roy, secretary general of Eurodiaconia
  • Valeria Setti, policy officer, European Commission DG Migration and Home Affairs
  • Claire Dhéret, senior policy analyst at the EPC (moderator)

Anna Lisa Boni introduced the EUROCITIES report and explained that while cities are finding themselves on the front line of refugee reception and integration, they do not always receive the political and financial recognition to reflect this. 

Also representing EUROCITIES and the city of Leipzig, Thomas Fabian described how his city received and integrated 5,000 refugees in 2015. He spoke about the associated challenges of housing, education and employment.

You can find the full event report here