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    Solidarity Cities
    an initiative on the management of the refugee crisis

    launched by the city of Athens under the framework of the EUROCITIES network

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Open society grant for EUROCITIES to support education for refugees and asylum seekers

In the framework of its Solidarity Cities initiative, EUROCITIES concluded an agreement with the foundation “Open Society Institute” for 2017. As part of the activities of the Open Society’s “Education support programme”, EUROCITIES will receive dedicated funding to organise two mentoring visits in 2017 in the field of Education for asylum seekers and refugees in cities. These visits will follow the mentoring methodology used in the ImpleMentoring project.

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Mayor of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz on Solidarity Cities

Cities GRoW project approved: Integration of migrants through economic activity in cities

DG Home of the European Commission confirmed this week that the Cities-Grow project application was approved and would take place from 2017. This is a great news for EUROCITIES and for the 16 European cities involved in this call. 

More than ever in the context of the refugee crisis, European city leaders and decision makers need pragmatic, relevant and practical advice to address migrant integration challenges and develop effective migrant integration strategies to help reap on the potential of immigration.


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Mayor of Stockholm Karin Wanngard on Solidarity Cities

Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella on Solidarity Cities

Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Jankovic on Solidarity Cities

Mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau on Solidarity Cities

Mayor of Ghent Daniël Termont on Solidarity Cities

Mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan on Solidarity Cities

Vice-Mayor of Leipzig Thomas Fabian on Solidarity Cities

Mayor of Athens Georgios Kaminis on Solidarity Cities

Message of support by Mayor of Ghent Daniel Termont

Message of support by Mayor of Ghent Daniel Termont

Daniel Termont, mayor of Ghent, sent a video address to the attendant of the political session organised in the framework of the Social Affairs Forum of EUROCITIES in Athens on 17 October, in support of the Solidarity Cities Initiative. 


Official launch of the Solidarity Cities Initiative

The Solidarity Cities initiative was announced at a press conference in Athens on 17th October 2017, following a closed political session gathering 23 mayors and vice-mayors of the EUROCITIES network. Mayor of Athens Georgios Kaminis and vice-mayor of Barcelona Laïa Ortiz presented to journalists the concept of the initiative and the main demands of European cities in terms of direct funding for reception and integration and better involvement of cities in the shaping of migration policy at European and national level. 

Interview with Georgios Kaminis, Mayor of Athens

Greece has been on the frontline of the migrant crisis. How much of this inflow has Athens had to handle?

When the crisis erupted–in August 2015–Athens started receiving hundreds of refugees on a daily basis. More than 900,000 refugees came to Greece last year, the majority of which passed through Athens. So, you can understand the challenge that we had to deal with especially when the country was found completely unprepared to deal with these massive inflows. We were the first municipality to react providing a space for the first camp in Greece that can now host around 2,000 refugees. We had to offer urgent solutions to a problem so largely affecting the city’s normality. After the closing of the borders, flows have decreased but the EU-Turkey agreement is still at stake and we need to be constantly prepared to welcome new waves of refugees and provide emergency relief.

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Solidarity Cities – cities delivering on refugee reception and integration

Cities strengthen their response to the refugee situation today with the launch of Solidarity Cities in Athens. An initiative of Giorgios Kaminis, mayor of Athens, Solidarity Cities will consolidate ongoing efforts at local level to receive and integrate refugees and will reinforce these by providing a platform for cities to exchange knowledge and expertise on this highly topical issue.

The initiative was launched today in Athens during the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum, following a political discussion between city leaders on how cities can better work together on refugee integration and reception.

Solidarity Cities embodies a humanitarian response to the refugee situation, advocating a fair sharing of responsibilities among EU member states. EUROCITIES published an open letter on World Refugee Day on 20 June this year calling to refocus the debate on the refugee situation in Europe to reflect common European values of solidarity, humanity and dignity. Already, many cities are taking steps to ensure the safe reception and passage of refugees through their territories, as described in our April 2016 report, ‘Refugee reception and integration in cities’.

Solidarity Cities is open to all European cities wishing to work with others around Europe and who are committed to solidarity in the field of refugee reception and integration.

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EUROCITIES report “Cities and migrants”

2nd implementation report 2015

EUROCITIES report on integration of refugees

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